This story is about nice guys finishing first.  And digital marketing born as a quality offer and developed from the heart. 

I've enjoyed working with a wide variety of clients all the way from Fortune 100 business consultants to Mariachi bands and everything in between.  As diverse as they may be, something they all have in common is that they are all working hard to make their businesses successful.  


I hail from a family of mid century Ad Men whose Los Angeles agency is still in effect.  I am a project manager, website builder, audio-visual production coordinator, and committed autodidact with a degree in film and a string of industry jobs in all of the above. 

I believe effective marketing comes from an affinity for one's audience, and the kind of respect for the customer that results in compelling content delivery. Infrastructure that allows consumers their own discovery makes for  lasting and memorable interactions. My work lives where tech, marketing and education converge > > > into your digital marketing or teaching solution.

Recent Projects and Client Stories

Guild of American Luthiers

It's hard to imagine people nicer than those who run The Guild of American Luthiers.  They have a rich history and strong cult following.  For over forty years they have run a non-profit dedicated to the art of making musical instruments.  The hallmark of their brand is a beautiful quarterly journal jam packed with beautiful images and captivating stories.  

I recently redesigned their e-commerce site and trained their in-house team to update and manage the site

Dominic Camardella

Dominic Camardella has spent his entire adult life as an expert audio technician and music producer.  After many years spent behind the mixing console, he decided to take new direction and launched an album of jazz recordings, Soothe.  We built this site to promote Dom the musician and artist.

Britt Andreatta

Britt keeps me busy helping her design and develop her hefty brand brand portfolio.  She has three books, five websites and an impressive hashtag following.  I've been lucky to have Britt in my life, she is really a mover and shaker.  I've designed and built her websites,  helped her self publish books and directed and edited her corporate training videos.  I know few people as prolific and driven as Britt.

Soul Growth Radio

Pema Rocker, A.K.A Story Charmer, is a self contained cosmos of creativity.  She founded her business Story Charmer on the premise that talking is easier than writing.  So people call her up and talk about the things they'd like written, and she types it up into publishable content for them.  Brilliant right?!

I loved helping her create the online community and blog SoulGrowthRadio.com.  It’s fun to read, and was fun to build.