WordPress Workshops by Beaver Builder

It's an online workshop series all about WordPress and Beaver Builder!  Not only do we share tips and tricks on how to use Beaver Builder's products, we also give guidance on general website stuff using fun interactive lessons.

Welcome to Beaver Builder

Learn the basics of how to use Beaver Builder's Page Builder, WordPress Theme, and Themer Plugin.

Hosting and DNS

You can't have a website without a domain name and hosting! There's no shortage of service providers to choose from, so we'll explain key factors to consider when choosing a DNS (domain name service) and hosting providers, and walk you through how to setup hosting with a couple of our top choices for hosting and DNS, Flywheel and GoDaddy.

Explore our WordPress Theme and Page Builder Plugin as we build a website together.  The site flaunts a rock star motif with a homepage design that is inspired by a popular music publishing company. Turn your site building beaver power up to 11 with the Beaver Jams website Build-Along!