Build Your Brand

Brand Discovery


Clarify Goals, Discover Insights, Set Your Brand Up For Success

My favorite marketing-ism is that you need a great product and an organized business model before you even start designing your website and marketing campaigns.

I developed the Brand Discovery Workbook to define and refine business offers.  Even if you have a well established business you should take the time to reconsider your offers periodically.  Markets change, times change, and you should adapt accordingly.

This stage of brand development will empower you and kickstart your website development and creative strategy.

Organize Your Time and Your Project

A big part of success comes from time management and organization.  In this lesson I teach concepts based around Agile development processes, Design Thinking, and how to set yourself up for long term success.

How to Use Google Drive

We will be working a lot in Google Drive.  The video and PDF below will get you started using Google Drive.  After you have familiarized yourself with Google Drive, download the course files and check out the Brand Discovery Workbook.  We will be working through the Brand Discovery Workbook together throughout the first two weeks of this training program.