How Can I Use a Book as Part of My Marketing Platform?

Google search placement isn’t the only way to get recognized. Amazon is also a powerful and search engine worthy of being included in your Marketing plan. So let’s take a look at how it all works.

It Starts With a Good Book
Let’s face the music. Someone who isn’t an avid writer probably won’t be able to easily write a good book. And when I say “good” I mean that it is:

  • on an interesting topic
  • with a compelling title
  • has a compelling message
  • uses an approachable and likable voice
  • it is easy to digest the subject matter

For most people this means putting in a lot of practice before you can create this gem. A great way to get started is with a blog. Putting out regular blog posts is a great way to find your voice and hone your skills as a writer.

I love working with writing coaches and content editors. Collaboration can help iron out the details that turn ‘okay’ writing into ‘just right writing.’

So don’t be that guy who puts out yet another terrible book on Kindle. It will only make you look bad and harm your brand.

What Can Publishing Do For Me and My Business?

Establish Your Thought Leadership to Win Clients
If you are trying to win a new account, you will have a much better chance if the hiring personnel already knows and loves your ideas (demonstrated in your clever book.) Books are for some people used like deluxe resumes/calling cards.

Qualify Your Leads
If your potential clients are not a good fit, having them read your book ahead of time can help that become apparent early on.

Hyperlink Your Book to Your Website
You have the opportunity to give your homepage link in the book description on Amazon so that’s a no-brainer. In that way you are already getting coverage before your is even purchased.

It’s also smart to use every opportunity you can to add value to your book with bonus content on your website. The real goal as a marketer is to get people into your circle and the top of your sales funnel. This absolutely does not mean trying to make a hard sale. It means giving value to build trust and respect.

Never Stop Marketing Your Book

Getting Reviews - This is where you become both creative and relentless. The first important thing is reviews. People often gauge their buying decisions on reviews. Don’t be afraid to request reviews. Start by asking your friends, put it in your email signature line, shout it from a mountain top. Don’t stop building up these 5 star ratings.

Promotions and Advertising - This is ongoing, not just something you do when you initially release your book. Throw a big net and be creative. Some examples of ways you can market your book are: writing blog posts optimized for organic search traffic and promoting your book on those pages, creating a podcast, guest blogging and podcasting, using pay per click advertising on Amazon, Facebook and Google, and grassroots marketing through book reviewers.

Embrace the Complexity of Being a Marketer - Like most things we do, writing and leveraging a book to market yourself is not an easy endeavor. But to be a successful marketer you need to keep a patient and persistent mindset. Your success will likely be determined by your own determination and ability to persist, follow through, and keep your eye on giving readers quality and value.

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