How Much Does a Website Cost?

I might charge anywhere between $1,000 and $20,000 to build a website. I know, that’s a huge price range. So let me explain.

How I Work

I work the same on most projects. We start by working through my Brand Discovery Workbook and use that to establish goals detailed in my Website Goals Workbook. From there we develop your site and finish with my Maintenance and Systems Workbook to plan for long term upkeep, goal setting and goal tracking.

Overhead for a WordPress Site

The platform I work with to build websites is WordPress. And there are two things that need to be purchased up front, a server space ($10/mo) and a domain name ($10/yr). The server provider I recommend is Cloudways, and the domain name service provider I recommend is NameCheap. There are some other things you will probably want to purchase for your framework too, but I won’t go into that now because that stuff is really on a per case basis. So bare bones overhead is about $130/yr.

The $1,000-$2,000 Website

To set up a WordPress installation with a drag and drop page builder on your server will cost about $300. So that gets you a blank shell to start building you site in. And the drag and drop builder will make your site easy to work with.

For ultra-low budget projects will I do weekly DIY coaching for $60/hr. So four weeks of this adds up to $240. In addition to the weekly coaching, I will typically take on some of the more complex design and development work, so let’s assume that I do four hours worth of assignments for the project during that month of coaching sessions and that puts us at about $1,000 including overhead.

But keep in mind, these site are not a full service option and you will have homework to do between meetings so get ready to write copy and build out pages. But you will be getting a much better site than you would if you just go out and build a site alone because we will construct clearly defined goals and strategy and come up with professional quality design elements.

The $2,000-$4,000 Website

Most people want more than the $1,000 package has to offer. $2,000-$4,000 is a good budget for a new business who wants a nice little site to develop along with their business model. In comparison to the $1k website model, I will be doing most of the work for you. We will still meet weekly, but I will be the one putting all the work beyond that. So $2,000-$4,000 will get you a small but professionally built website that you can develop yourself incrementally or hire me over time to continually work on it for you or with you.

The $5,000-10,000 Website

This is the most common price bracket I work in. These sites will have roughly 100 pages, and most often be redesigns of already developed sites. So we have content to work with, but we are freshening up the look, tightening up the design and cleaning up the content. It’s still the same approach I use with the Goal and Discovery workbooks, but we also have a ton of content to sift through and repurpose, and a heap of new content to add. These sites will often have an e-commerce solution (WooCommerce).

The $10,000-20,000 Website

A site with a budget of this magnitude is typically an e-commerce selling 100-1,000 items. I don’t typically go beyond that level of complexity as a web developer. On projects like this, I will always work in a team, and hire at least one other developer and sometimes content creators and SEO professionals.


Most of a website's development cost pertains to the sheer size of the site and complexity of it’s functionality. A good website will have character and originality but more importantly, a good foundation and continual improvement.

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