Resources for Stock Media: Photos, Videos, Audio

Stock images, videos and audio are an important part of many people’s brand platforms. They vary greatly in price from free to $50+ per item.

So why pay $50 for a 15 second video clip, right?! Well it becomes apparent when you start assembling the important pieces of your designs.

Free options like unsplash and pexels are great for things like blog posts but when it comes to very special pieces of your brand like your homepage banner image, it becomes worthwhile to splurge for that very special gem.

One option that is too good to pass up is  It's a more than just a stock image library, it's an awesome drag and drop design builder with thousands of templates to choose from.  The free version is pretty cool, but I love having the premium version because of all the bells and whissles and free stock images.

So without further ado here are my most used resources for finding stock media.


Low Priced - Bargain Shopping $
Story Blocks
Envato Elements

High Priced - Premium $$
Adobe Stock

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