Teaching Solutions

Do you need an online home for your intellectual property? I listen for what you’ve got, I hear where you want to go, then offer you the steps in between to get you there. With frameworks, designs, structures and content that help you to teach at your full potential.


DIY Hybrid

Our digital landscape is growing all the time. If you’ve found my site, you’re probably in some stage of learning, yourself. Much of my model includes educating my clients on how to serve their customers with their new online platform. We gather information and set goals. I build the platform and then I teach you how to use it.

Simple to Complex

I’ll consult with you on strategy and goals to create a teaching solution just right for your brand and budget.
Clean design, engaging platform, simple transactions, happy learners.



Video and Audio Production

It kills morale to ask learners watch low production training videos.  And after having invested their time and money into a learning solution, customers expect the tool they purchased to show an equal or greater investment. Don’t let your effort to engage your customers fall flat with poor production value. 

My mission as a video maker is for people to be engaged and to feel like their time is being respected. That gets done with quality content and high production value. Viewers want their presenters to come off as a real person, not an infomercial actor. 

I offer the means to provide great production value through coaching on-screen talent, set design and professional lighting, camera and sound services.  This ranges from a small shoot with just me and screen talent, all the way to a full crew on a sound stage with professional actors.

When you want to do it on your own, I offer individualized coaching for DIY’ers on gear, shooting, editing and media servers.  Consult with me on creating your own videos and audio files for beautifully branded teaching solutions.


Course Platforms

Here’s where your intellectual property turns into effective learning as we build your content and the platform your educational offer will run on. 

How do you know what you need?  There are so many options available.  One of our first steps together is walking through your plans.  Then, I’ll help you decide the best platform and approach for your project.

If you want to track learner progress and regularly interact with learners online, you’ll want to use a Learning Management System (LMS).  If you don't need that functionality, you'll be much better off building your learning solution with a website page builder, ad an e-commerce solution and skip the LMS.  That will give you much more design flexibility and ease of use than an LMS.

There are thousands of Learning Management Systems to choose from, ranging greatly in price and functionality. I have used, researched and test driven the gamut of popular ones.  I can walk you through the pros and cons of each as they pertain to your needs.


Books, E-Books and Audio Books

If a book is where you want to go, let’s go.  Check out my Learning Center Article on How to Use a Book as Part of Your Marketing Platform.

The field of self-publishing has shifted drastically in the last ten years. It is loaded with tech and marketing foundations that make production accessible, and floods the market. As a result, the audience is exhausted by too much content, poorly constructed. Sadly, you can do as much damage to your brand by putting out bad content as you can do good with good content. 

Start with good strategy. Cultivate great content. Produce a finished product you can be proud of and that customers will value. My network gets involved to grasp an overall picture of the project, including content design, cover graphics, text design, and workflow with an editor, as well as print solutions for on-demand, Audible audio books, and e-book publishing on and Kindle.



Information is the heart of modern marketing.  A great starting point for informational marketing is infographics—a visual image, such as a chart or a graph to represent data. 

We have shifted from a place where advertising drove the pulse. Now, more than trying to attract customers with ads, you'll want to be a thought leader and to create content that people value. Marketing has shifted away from the traditional advertising approach that involved customers being pursued. Now, marketing is centered around establishing market leadership by sharing valued information.  And infographics are a great tool for sharing info in a fun, easy and affective way.