Training Videos

Good training will engage and inspire. Good training can save lives.

My job as a training solution videographer is to present information in the most learner friendly way. That means scripts that are easy to listen to, high quality audio and video content, and engaging story flow.


Training videos under 7-minutes are often referred to as microlearning videos.  These bite-sized videos are a great way to remind employees about skills taught in person or to use as a stand alone tool.  Make it a mixed learning experience with companion PDF files.

How it Works:

  • We work out a game plan and contract based on your needs after a free 30 minute consultation
  • A script is created based on your teaching content
  • A storyboard is created based on the script and stylistic requests
  • Voiceover talent is choose and captures script
  • Comprehensive dialogue editing for superb sound
  • Visuals are added to create a first draft
  • Live action footage added (if applicable)
  • Revisions are made
  • Final product is delivered!

Get trained to create your own training videos

If you will be needing a large volume of training videos, it might make since for you or one of your employees to learn how to create videos internally.  I can help!

Leah's contributions go well beyond the technical nature of her job. She is collaborative, an active listener, and is creative in solving problems. I highly recommend working with Leah!

Valerie Sutton ~ Director of Career Services at Harvard University

Leah is incredibly sharp, resourceful, and easy to work with. Her wide range of creative and technical skills really makes her stand out. I don't know how one person can be a genius specialist at so many things, but that's Leah. She's also hilarious and has the ability to make everybody around her happy to be working with her. That's no mean feat.

Mark Tapio Kines ~ Writer/Director