Web Design

Your website has the potential to be a powerful business tool.  The overarching principals that dictate your site's usefulness are good plans, and a way to measure the success of your plans.

I focus on creating a well balanced mixture of planning and doing, which will help you launch quickly, continuously improve, and reap benefits during both the short long term.

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No matter the scale of team involved, what's important is that the details get handled and the results be effective and on purpose.  Marketing results don't land easily.  But through good planing, actionable steps, measuring results, and continual development, effective marketing is within anyone's reach.

My hallmark web design package is called Build Your Brand.  It is a baseline offer that be customized for your unique needs.

From tiny to tall, your digital marketing project will have some variation of the work outlined on this page.  On low budget projects, I wear many hats.  And if you are planning on tackling your own digital marketing you should plan to do the same.  As you might imagine, there are benefits to bringing in people who specialize.  I'll help you determine what you can do and what should be done through the skilled hands of experts.

Digital Marketing Overview

Digital marketing is your lead generation and sales system as a whole.  Your website, social and email marketing platforms are the foundation.  Creative strategy is what sets you apart from your competition.  This page will walk you through the details of how it all works.


Project Managment

A good project manager is unmeasurably valuable. This person's job is to shepherd strategy, communication flow, deadlines, quality control. Crucial to design and execution, communication is a big deal in this team setting. If you are doing any element of DIY, it’s easy to get caught in the weeds of all the different elements that build what you’re creating. This is where a project manager runs the dashboard of all involved. 


Marketing Niches and Data Analysis

Strategists, SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, Public Relations (PR), Data Analysis

Strategy is the big picture view of everything, so that you’re not throwing spaghetti at the wall with a hundred random ideas. Before you pour money into outreach, it's essential to strategize. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is employed to increase page rank in search engines, such as Google and YouTube. SEO tags content, headings and body text in their required rubrics to increase visibility.  It's a complicated task and forever changing with search engine updates and trends. Experts craft SEO on an artistic level, working with metrics, keywords, titles, and text in a way that can only be understood by those who live and breathe that stuff. But Yoast SEO is a powerful automated tool that I recommend to DIY SEOers. 

Paid search is extensive research on keyword terms and buying clicks. The ROI can be profitable if it's done right. 

Social Media markets your product through relationships developed on social platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. When you want to make sure people know about your product, these relationships generate a lot of word of mouth.  Another facet of social marketing is buying ad space.  This can be lucrative, but like pay per click, SEO should be handled with forethought on the best terms to buy, and how to measure your success.

Public Relations (PR) is next level marketing. Once you have established product and reputation, PR takes your recognition further, working to get your name in magazines, TV shows, and identifying you as a thought leader and expert in your arena. 

Data Analysis is key to good planning.  Once you have put a marketing campaign in place, tracking ROI on your marketing efforts will let you know if you should continue on said avenue or not. Without data analysts, success is guess work. Metrics uncover what is bringing you business and what is not, and direct what you should stop, start and continue spending money on. 


Web Design

Graphic Design, Website Design, UX Design

Graphic Design is all about logos, graphics, illustrations, images, elements that speak in pictures to support your site’s words.

Web Design in our modern world is called responsive.  Varying screen sizes of web, phones and tablets impose the need to create designs that conform to this array of sizes. This style of website design is called responsive design because the design automatically responds to screen sizes.  Web designers also craft stylistic website elements like colors and fonts.

UX Design makes sure viewers can find what they are looking for when they come to your site but structuring sites in a particular way. Viewers want to find out immediately what they can get from you and who you are, how to reach you, and how to get what they need from your site. UX Designers map out getting around on your site. They make it easy for people to find your offers, and that’s good for everyone because users want to find something in particular, and you want them to find it.

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Drag and drop builders make website development accessible to the masses.  But what if you run into a problem?  Or you need something a little more customized or complicated than a drag and drop builder will provide you?  It's valuble to have a professional developer on call to help out with tricky tasks.



Content Creation

Writing, Multi-media Creation, Instructional Design

Content creation relays information in all its forms, and includes writing, videography, instructional design, and graphic design.  People are building the most amazing platforms for content and anybody can do it with a template or an app.

Continuous content creation is the key to sustaining your site and mission.