Writing For Search Engines

Welcome to an all inclusive group for entrepreneurs and content creators!  We will share ideas, inspire and be inspired.  It's a workshop series all about writing for search engine placement.

It's all about building Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills and helping you get found on Google.


Writing for Search: Core Skills

In this workshop, we'll talk about keyword research, tools for gaining insights on trends, how content can best be structured to win search page placement, and more!


July 7, 2020.  7:00-8:30pm PST.

If you can't make the live meeting, you can still participate through the discussion page. The recorded event will also be provided after the event.

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Writing For Search

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More Resources for Content Optimizers

The world wide web is a vast and ever-changing landscape.  My biggest piece of advice for bloggers is to keep writing.  It feels good to have an aesthetically pleasing site that generates traffic, but I strongly believe that the best resource you have is your own time and unique voice.